#OibelArt Atelier Sale 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

#OibelArt Atelier Sale

It only was a short time, but i knew it all before and i enjoyed the time i had there. I’m talking about my current studio my atelier my production center. I have to get out by end of May so im using this moment to invite anybody who is interested to my place to…

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#OibelArt @TagesAnzeiger ! 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

#OibelArt @TagesAnzeiger !

Recently i made the news, Adrian Schräder added me to the list of facts about Zurich you dont need to know but you still never will forget. Find the full article HERE. Sorry to my english readers, i’m too lazy to translate it, but basicaly he speaks about how i used to be a rapper…

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#GRAFIK14 – recap 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

#GRAFIK14 – recap

GRAFIK14 is known as one of the biggest shows of its kind in Switzerland, apparently there is not enough events like this going on in the country so this is a bit like a highlight every year even though you will never get the full range of whats really going on. Anyways, i was proud…

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#PlanetOibel @ Rue De L’Est – recap 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

#PlanetOibel @ Rue De L’Est – recap

I really enjoyed the vernissage and the following exhibition i had the pleasure to have at Rue De L’Est in Winterthur. It was planed to roll for a month and a half and ended  up to roll for two months and a half, therefor i would like to thank Haki and his team for having…

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Long time no read… 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Long time no read…

Oh boy, oh boy…its been a loong time since i have last updated my blog, shame on me. Although if you follow my Instagram or Facebook you still will get some insight on what im doing, my comments are just not as detailed. Since my last post a few things have been popping that i…

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Planet Oibel @ #GRAFIK14 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Planet Oibel @ #GRAFIK14

This week is crazy, there’s a lot going on and I love it! First off the vernissage of GRAFIK14 on Thursday 14th of March where I will be presenting some new work I did this year, mainly paper stuff. I’m looking forward to that event cause there will be a lot of other artists presenting…

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Planet Oibel – 2112 Vernissage @ Rue de l’est in Winterthur 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Planet Oibel – 2112 Vernissage @ Rue de l’est in Winterthur

Woohoo! My second solo show is coming up, this time in Winterthur Zurich and I am really exited about it. I will be showing a bunch of smaller canvases and wood panels which all have been painted throughout the past two months in Berlin and my home town Zurich, mixed up with some special stuff.…

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Oibel in Paris 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Oibel in Paris

   Two weeks ago I was invited to Paris amongst other artists in order to paint some hotel rooms in Le Marais, the 3rd district of the french capitol. Our art now decorates the rooms there and accompanys the guests during their stay, if you want to sleep in an Oibel Room just ask for…

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Get an Oibel1 shirt or sweater in #Berlin 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Get an Oibel1 shirt or sweater in #Berlin

Anybody who feels like rocking some Oibel1 Gear and happens to be in Berlin should pass by Simon-Dach-Strasse1 in Friedrichshain and check out Simonuno! You can either pimp your shirt or sweater or whatever if you bring it in or you just simply can pick one of the many styles they have in store, mainly…

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PLANET OIBEL – finissage #Berlin 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

PLANET OIBEL – finissage #Berlin

These past few days have been crazy! A lot of new experiences, new peoples, new vibes and hundreds of ideas to pick from have been coming my way in Berlin and I love it. Im just trying to soak up as much as I can before I get back to Swizzy but I still got…

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Planet Oibel vernissage #Berlin 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Planet Oibel vernissage #Berlin

Tonight is the night! Im nervous, exited, happy, hyped, thankfull and many ohter things too, I think so, all at the same time, then again I dont know. Well thats about how I feel this morning, yes, lunch time is early morning in Berlin haha. I almost cant write this post right here, a lot…

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#PLANETOIBEL – Oibots takeover (2/3) 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

#PLANETOIBEL – Oibots takeover (2/3)

#PlanetOibel – Oibots in the making (1/3) 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

#PlanetOibel – Oibots in the making (1/3)

My first solo exhibition! #Berlin 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

My first solo exhibition! #Berlin

This year was all about Berlin and it still is, its only November after all, but the time we spent in this City was crazy! I could talk about so many things, like how we met the guys at BURGERAMT for the first time, how I went out to paint on Monday morning at seven,…

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Urban Art Clash Gallery opening #Berlin 150 150 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Urban Art Clash Gallery opening #Berlin

On Friday Berlin will be giving birth to a new gallery, better yet an Urban Art gallery. Some of you may think, who cares if somebody brings another corn of sand to the desert, there’s enough galleries in Berlin…but this one is special. The Urban Art Clash gallery is located in the heart of Berlin…

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