Oibel Art x KOSU 1920 1358 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Oibel Art x KOSU

Als die Anfrage von KOSU Apparel für eine Zusammenarbeit bei mir reingeflattert ist, war mir sofort klar, ich bin dabei. KOSU Apparel ist eine Slow Fashion Kleidermarke aus Liverpool. Für die Gestaltung der Kleidungsstücke arbeitet KOSU mit diversen Künstler/innen aus allen Ecken der Welt. Jeder bzw. jede Künstlerin macht jeweils drei Designs für T-Shirts und…

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Oibel Art x Viva con Agua x FC St. Pauli 1600 1600 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Oibel Art x Viva con Agua x FC St. Pauli

Mit Viva Con Agua zu arbeiten ist mir immer eine Freude, nicht nur weil’s für einen guten Zweck ist sondern auch weil sie einem immer mit coolen Projekten verlinken. In diesem Fall mit dem legendären FC St. Pauli. Für jedes Heimspiel des FCSP kreiert ein ausgewählter Künstler aus dem Millerntor Gallery Pool einen Print der…

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Planet Oibel Renaissance 1200 800 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Planet Oibel Renaissance

When I refer to Planet Oibel I am talking about my world where all of my styles coexist. I probably could say that this is all in my head – but i can give a small insight with my web page. The redesign of oibelart.com feels like a Renaissance to me because its kind of…

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Reception wall at Pause AG 1920 1282 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Reception wall at Pause AG

I was commissioned by Pause AG to do the reception wall of their creative space. Pause offers workshops but also work space that you can rent per day if you don’t feel like working from home or in a noisy coffee spot. I used the MTN water based paints to get down on the wall,…

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Oibel Customized Audi TT 1920 1440 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Oibel Customized Audi TT

The opportunity to paint this Audi TT came by surprise, of course I couldn’t turn that down! Since its running on its last kilometers the owner had the idea to give the car its last shine. I hope now it runs for ever! As location to do the job I chose Dosendealer also known as…

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Take Over Jam 1920 1280 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Take Over Jam

The guys over at Dosendealer invited me to be part of the Take Over Jam amongst a bunch of many other artists. During three days the whole spot got painted inside and outside. Due to the growth of my family I didn’t really have time to go paint so this was the first time for…

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Oibel Art @ the FC St. Pauli Millerntor Stadium in Hamburg 1920 1281 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Oibel Art @ the FC St. Pauli Millerntor Stadium in Hamburg

What a surprise! I had no idea that I was in the pot with other artists to be chosen by CONGSTAR the main sponsor of the renowned german soccer club FC St. Pauli in Hamburg. Through the Viva Con Agua artist pool of the Millerntor Gallery I was suggested as a possible artist to design…

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Commissioned ‘Queen Gal’ piece 1464 1812 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Commissioned ‘Queen Gal’ piece

Commissioned piece of one of my ‘Queen Gal’s’ that I made in a mixed media kind of way on canvas for a customer in Germany.

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5YRS RUN ZRH anniversary Live Painting 2048 1536 Oibelart by Oibel 1

5YRS RUN ZRH anniversary Live Painting

Longside the celebration of the 5 year existence of RUN ZRH I live painted a little wall and a door at the Brewery and Show Room of Dr. Brauwolf. It was a nice and sunny day full of cool beer and good peeps. Happy Birthday RUN ZRH!

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Upgrading my Home 2048 1734 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Upgrading my Home

Added some decorative elements in form of geometric patterns to our dining room to make it complete. I also painted the favorit animals of the kids in a geometric style in their rooms. Just little hacks with big impacts on the whole ambience.

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Something different 1920 954 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Something different

Do different stuff! This is a commission I did for a construction company. They used the panels for their stand at a trade show. Had a lot of fun doing them also cause I didn’t do any letters in a long time.

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The Bite Pt.3 1920 1440 Oibelart by Oibel 1

The Bite Pt.3

Last but not least I was asked to do a panel for The Bite to nice up the back yard where the burgers are served during the warmer summer days. Art, Burgers, Summer… what do you want more?!

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The Bite Pt.2 1320 1920 Oibelart by Oibel 1

The Bite Pt.2

Longside the restroom doors for The Bite, also the new menu boards needed a nice up! Therefor I did this A2 sized painting on paper to be screenprinted on wood of wich the boards are made of. The screenprint is made by Dasmo and the boards by Ivo Wood Art.

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The Bite Pt.1 1536 2048 Oibelart by Oibel 1

The Bite Pt.1

Was asked by the good peeps over at The Bite restaurant if I could nice up the doors of their restrooms. So thats exactly what I did cause I can make things look nice! Go and eat the best burger in town and see for yourself.

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Back to Belize 2048 1536 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Back to Belize

In Hopkins Belize for the second time I added some more color to the mural I did when I was there the first time. This time I didnt have any spray paint and just used rollers and brushes to get the job done, the heat was on! Having a squeezer with me I also had…

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