Youth Center Uetikon Mural 1920 1440 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Youth Center Uetikon Mural

Commissioned by the youth work of the community Uetikon I painted their youth center and did my biggest mural so far. I got lucky with the weather and finished it before the days started getting colder and rainy. Like always also this time I didn’t do a sketch and just went at it, I’m really…

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SG Tattoo guest corner mural 2048 1152 Oibelart by Oibel 1

SG Tattoo guest corner mural

Beginning of the Month I followed a friendly invite by Stefan of SG Tattoo to do a commissioned work in the guest corner of his studio. I decided to do my signature style Feses with colourful outlines instead of just black lines. The finished wall will have an aquarium in it with my lines as…

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Millerntorgallery #6 recap 1280 854 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Millerntorgallery #6 recap

Its the first time that I was invited to Hamburg for the annual Millerntor Gallery festival days that take place in the football stadium of FC St. Pauli during off season. Up to 100 international artist show their work, lectures are given, concerts are played and art is being auctioned off  trying to inspire peoples…

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Back at The Bite 1920 1080 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Back at The Bite

I am happy to say that a bunch of my paintings just moved back into The Bite aka the must go to burger restaurant in town. So if you’re hungry and want to see some of my art at the same time thats the place to be. And don’t forget to order some animal fries…

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A painting for Seven 630 425 Oibelart by Oibel 1

A painting for Seven

This post is longtime overdue! Beginning of the year soul singer Seven asked me if I could do a painting for his next video clip ‘I Don’t give up’ for the lead single of his best of album. Since we know each other from back in the day and always have good times when we…

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Bar elements for Sera Fine Food 1920 1280 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Bar elements for Sera Fine Food

Time to catch up! I painted two bar elements for Sera Fine Food aka my sister and I’m really happy with the outcome. On one of them I painted my signature Oibot and on the other some of my signature Feses. If you happen to be somewhere in Geneva you should check her out, she…

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Painting at Play Engadin 2048 1536 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Painting at Play Engadin

After being in Uganda with a daily average temperature of 30 degrees I had to adapt a little coming to Engadin in the swiss alps with an average of 5 degrees or even less. The two by five meter canvas was set up on the mountain Corvatsch at an altitude of 2200m above sealevel whereas…

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#WeLoveYouganda – Trip recap 2994 2000 Oibelart by Oibel 1

#WeLoveYouganda – Trip recap

What a trip it was! Cant believe that its already over four weeks since im back from Uganda, a lot going on these days. I havent been to Uganda the past 27 years, it was a very emotional experience for me, seeing my motherland and how things have changed. Together with Viva con Agua Kampala…

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WE LOVE YOUGANDA – a trip to the motherland! 1600 951 Oibelart by Oibel 1

WE LOVE YOUGANDA – a trip to the motherland!

Im still blown away by the fact, that my art activities are taking me back home to my motherland, Uganda where I havent been since I was a kid! Invited by VIVA CON AGUA a bunch of performing and visual artists aswell as myself,  will go on a trip to Uganda to visit water projects…

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Studio Forma Architects 20m Wall Painting 1263 344 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Studio Forma Architects 20m Wall Painting

UPDATE – Last November I was comissioned to paint a 20 meter stretch of wall in the office space of the Studio Forma Architects. Using a brush and some black paint I spent two long days doing line by line to create my longest wall piece up to date. My good friend Makan Art had…

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Hamburg Visit 2048 1536 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Hamburg Visit

The past weekend plus a few days before and after, I made my way to Hamburg. Not only to be part of the briefing for the ‘WE LOVE YOUGANDA’ trip at the VIVA CON AGUA head quarters, but also to paint some of the interior at the restaurant ‘Gefundenes Fressen’, owned by some good friends…

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Planet Oibel @ The Bite – recap 1600 1066 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Planet Oibel @ The Bite – recap

It was a wonderful evening on Planet Oibel at The Bite! A big thank you to everybody who came out to spread some love and a big thank you to The Bite Team for making this happen, I think we all had a blast. Planet Oibel can be seen for the next couple of weeks…

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Planet Oibel @ The Bite – Vernissage Feb. 16th 2015 466 635 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Planet Oibel @ The Bite – Vernissage Feb. 16th 2015

I am literally counting the days coming up to February 16th, the day that my next solo show will happen, this time at The Bite in Zurich. I think its special to do a exhibition in a restaurant where people realy have the time to study the paintings as they eat. Although for the vernissage…

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Art333 Vernissage – Recap 1600 1066 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Art333 Vernissage – Recap

It was a nice afternoon at the vernissage of Art333 Gallery, saturdays should always be like this. The show is on until April 2nd 2015 so dont miss, check the website of Art333 for the opening hours. More pics after the click…

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Art333 Group Show Vernissage Jan. 31st 2015 1600 915 Oibelart by Oibel 1

Art333 Group Show Vernissage Jan. 31st 2015

Looking forward to the vernissage of the group show for Urban Art at Gallery Art333 this upcoming saturday jan. 31st. I will be showing some paintings and doing a live action together with Ona Sadkowsky, Elf, Taina, David Monllor, Matthias Schönbächler, David Stegman and Zanré. The exhibiton will run up to the 2nd of April…

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